BMC Protect is a premiere supplier of personal protective equipment products.



About Us

BMC Protect was established in 1994 to provide great products to the protect and health users. Since then, we expanded to other markets to provide high quality products with excellent service. Please continue to visit our website as we change our online appearance and information that we provide.  Call us at 800-977-7888 to get more information about a product you need.


Our Mission

“To provide our customers with the best service and the highest quality protect supplies they need.”


BMC Protect ensures that every item we provide our customers is sourced from the most trusted protect supply and equipment manufacturers. By implementing stringent quality guidelines, we assure you that we provide only products that have passed our high quality standards.


Our Vision

“To be the Premier Protect Company that comes to mind when protect supplies are required.”


We at BMC Protect envision ourselves as not only the first medical supplies provider you think of whenever you need medical supplies. More importantly, we see ourselves as your partner of choice in providing the best products to your customers. To achieve this vision, we utilize all our best efforts to deliver the highest quality protect supplies while constantly improving on the efficiency and quality of service we offer to you, our most valued customers.