First Aid Services: How It Works

1. Visit and Assess

Call us, schedule a visit via our website, or we will stop by your facility. We will find out your needs and propose a solution. This includes: defining your operational details; the hours we can visit your site; billing information; signing authority, and special instructions. No contracts are required.

2. Install the initial systems & products

Our trained experts will install First Aid boxes, AEDs, eyewash stations, or other products. Additionally, we will help arrange your storage area for supplies you will need (e.g. disposable gloves). Our experts will train your staff for the products we install.

3. Replenish supplies

We will visit as often as needed to ensure you have the supplies you need. We can deliver from small packages to pallets of products. We typically visit every 2-6 weeks. If you need us more often, just call, email, text, or use our web form.

Call us to set up a visit: 844-523-7237

Email us to set up a visit: