Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Products for Auto Repair

TOOLBOX® Z400 Interfold Shop Towels$10.00$69.00
Uniseal Optimus Pro Powder Free Orange & Black Nitrile 8 mil Exam Glove$20.00$192.00
Halyard Purple Powder Free Nitrile Exam Gloves$11.00$99.00
TOOLBOX® Z400 Big Grip® Refill of Shop Towels - Center Pull$16.00
PIP® Hard Plastic, Non-Marring Knee Pads$10.00
TOOLBOX® Z400 Roll of Blue Shop Towels 6-Pack of Rolls$18.00
MAYFAIR® Center-Pull Towel Dispenser$49.00
TOOLBOX® T700 WaterWeave® White Interfold Wipers$9.00$80.00
MAYFAIR® Z200 Center-Pull Towels - 100% Recycled Fibers$20.00